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"Hello, I stumbled upon the enya range at chemist warehouse and decided to try it out as I have literally tried EVERY hair care shampoo with even purchases of single shampoos for over $100 because I thought my dry damaged hair was best for expensive high end over advertised brands. I have spent thousands of dollars and my hair if anything became worse, dry damaged and brittle breaking off .. I decided to try Enya shampoo conditioner and body wash to see if I saw any difference. I was so happy to see it was made in Australia and also safe for skin and hair also given the price was very reasonable for 1 litre product. It has been a couple of weeks and I am in love!! My hair is softer and less dry now. The body wash smells like heaven and leaves my skin so soft and hydrated. I’m so so glad I stumbled upon this brand.. I am hoping to try the other products Enya has as well. Thank you for making such a beautiful shampoo and conditioner. After 25 years of searching for the right products I have finally found the right one. I’m so thankful I stumbled upon your brand… Just wanted to share that with you and I hope you make more products like a good sunscreen please Thank you so much!"

Tahlia, NSW

"Hi to you and your wonderful company, in 2023 in February I suddenly developed a severe rash as a result of the additive in the 5 th Covid vaccination. This rash was all over my body and the itch was off the pain chart! This rash lasted for 5 full months. I tried numerous creams and cortisone creams and none of them worked. So I tried your Enya Emu Lotion, it was wonderful and I will continue to use it always. I talked to the head office of the drug people in NSW, as I am a registered trained Infection Diseases nurse."

Margaret L

"Good day, I would like to say that your products are excellent, the soap-free body wash is beneficial for my patients with sensitive skin and eczema. Not to mention it is very affordable. I have used your product myself and it is really good. Thank you. "

Rupert R

"I have been using the Enya Emu Lotion for years. I love it, just need to stock up more next time I go to Chemist Warehosue. "


"I am in the uk and have just found your product sorbolene lotion and read your specifications and ingredients, was very surprised that it is just the ideal product I am in need of. I have ordered some from one of your online pharmacy that you supply too, which does international shipping. It is a shame you don't cater all over the world for people with dry skin problems. Do you know if you will ever be shipping products to the UK? It seems that Australia has better skin care products than the UK. I am so pleased to find your product sobolene lotion. Thank you."


"First off, this is to appreciate the thoroughness the Enya Skin Care team puts into ensuring the superiority of all products. I have been using your products actively for the past few months now, and I feel very certain that all things being equal, I may never opt for any other line of skincare products again. Kudos!"


"I have been using your vanilla bean & almond wash. Foams well and not drying. Love the smell and the price! Will be looking to try the other wash in the range"


"I love this product! Doesn't aggravate my skin like other body washes and really well priced!"


"Absolutely love the stuff..."


"Luv it helped my skin heaps."


"I have sensitive skin conditions and have used several Enya body wash and lotions, I love them and they did not cause any issues with my skin conditions. Look forward to try your shampoo and conditioner next. Thank you and kind regards. "


"I would just like to comment on your Products That are Australian Made and Owned. Your moisturisers are great also your body washes, I hadn’t heard or seen your products, until I went to Chemist Warehouse. They are great value and lovely scents. Thank you again for the Wonderful Products."


"Love this!"


"Hi Enya, I have been using Enya lotion and body wash for almost 4 years since I moved to Australia. Love it! Love the quality, reasonable price and the fact that they are Australian made and owned. All the best and with love"


"Am loving the Milk and Honey Body Wash - great value and love using the product. Now to try Enya moisturiser. Love that the products are Australian made and natural products."


"Hi I’m just emailing regarding your Enya Milk & Honey body wash. Love it so much. Wish you do the fragrance in your haircare and lotions. "


"Reaching out to say Thank You. Been using Enya Sorbolene Body Wash for my psoriasis condition. That’s the only wash I can use in the market without my skin flaring up. Keen to try the Enya Sorbolene Lotion next."


"I love the milk & honey body wash smells like honey comb it's smells very yummy..."


"While ago I bought the EMU OIL Lotion and find it super good. It's nice and light cream that suit's me well...."


enya our story
Australian Made & Owned

Australian Made & Owned

We are proud to be Australian made and owned for over 15 years



All our Products are Not Tested on Animals

Dermatologically Tested

Dermatologically Tested

All our products are dermatologically tested

100% Skin Safe

100% Skin Safe

0% mineral oils, parabens and colours

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Formulated with sensitive skin in mind